Deep into soul..

Can you imagine a world without colour? Everything around us is in the hues of black, grey and white? People around you, the trees, water, flowers and everything colourless. How boring it will be. Don’t you feel the life will be so dull? I believe in this world all things happen for a reason. From the obvious things to tiny details, all have its role to play.

Gundlupet in Karnataka state is well known for farming. By side of the road you can see lot of sunflower fields. Apart from sunflower, they have gardens of chrysanthemum, marigold and many other colourful flowers. As any other traveller by the route I was also fascinated by the beauty of the gardens. When I reached near this sunflower farm I automatically stopped to check it out and capture few photographs. More than the colour and beauty what I noticed was something deeper.

Morning she woke up from her bud and turned her head towards the sun who was smiling at her. When she turned around she saw her friends and family also looking at the charming Sun. She fell in love with him. She wanted to make him her own. She can’t bear the thought of losing him. She tried all she could do to attract him, to grab his attention towards her. She spread her beautiful petals wide and raised her head to stay tall from her friends. What she know about the Sun?  Her world was so small. Bloomed in the middle of a sunflower farm she was ignorant to the fact that Sun belongs to whole world. I felt pity on her.

She was persistent. When the Sun shifted his position from east to center, she followed him. She was afraid to take her eye out of him. What if she loses him? She couldn’t imagine that. She regained her composure and tried hard to gain his attention. She waved at him, winked, smiled. Finally the blue of sky was replaced by the shade of red and the Sun moving fast towards the west. She tried her best turning around so that she won’t lose the sight of him. She was jealous when she saw her friends also doing the same. Finally he vanished from her eyes and her ardent heart into the horizon leaving her alone and heartbroken.


Opened their eyes towards the mighty sun
swinging merrily on their tiny stems
eyes filled with desire towards him
and heart filled with passion to love
the rustling of leaves warning them
this is not what your life is for
finally dried up and beaten to death
by the one your heart was beating for..