Rays of light…

Light is always considered as hope. When the day is cloudy, we call it moody and when the sun shines bright, we call it a pleasant day. Have you all ever thought why it is so? Why we believe light bring happiness and the darkness bring sorrow? I was always confused at this concept and I do believe few of you will have the same doubt as mine.

A day begins when the light rays kiss the beautiful earth and her smile wakes up the whole world. She laughs through her waves and she dances through the wind. Whole day she enjoys his presence and warmth around her. Hours they spend in each other’s hugs and her day ends when the light rays kiss her good bye with a promise of returning back the next day.

The black clouds were jealous of their relationship. They want to see these loved ones apart. They enveloped her with their thick black clouds stopping the sunlight from reaching her. She cried… She protested… The angry black clouds hit her hard with lashes of rain. Poor earth. Her prettiness left her, covered in mud and water. She stood silent and gloomy. She showed her fierceness through strong winds blowing with all its force which blew the demonic clouds away making way for her loved one. Here they are together again, the bright sunlight and the pretty earth singing tales of love…


Rays of light piercing through the clouds
Each beam brighter than the other one
Making its way to meet his beloved earth
Rescuing her from the demonish clouds
Days and days she was waiting for him
From the time black clouds covered her
Attacking her with swords of rain drops
Blocking her from the touch of light
She smiles finally,relieved in his presence
Finally embraced by his mighty arms…