Weekly photochallenge – Waiting

When the rain clouds are swallowing the sky to form a beautiful painting, the green and orange tints of nature creating the ambience…Rustling of leafs and cool breeze playing the most romantic music on earth.. Here he spread his extravagant feathers to attract her..to impress her with his beauty and write a poem of love together.

He waited there graciously

His heart filled with excitement

He spread his feathers wide

Freezing the time in its beauty

He turned round and searched

Every second felt like an year

His mind clouded like the sky

Every moment evoking anxiety

He waited there longingly

He was not tired standing there

Awaiting her was never a pain

He was not alone in the wait

Whole nature accompanied him

For that divine moment of union

Cloudy sky formed the roof

While breeze played the music

Fragrance of love filled everywhere

When the two hearts became one.

Waiting | The Daily Post


Enamored of his touch…

Don’t you think even other living things around us also will be having their dreams and fantasies. Are they just sitting idle? Have you ever thought about it? Frankly speaking I didn’t till I saw this capture. A tree enveloped by the green mountains and a thick fog building up around it. This sight made me think. I felt that the tree was waiting for this moment since long.

The tree is waiting for her beloved with thousand thoughts running in her mind. When the sun rose in the morning, her beloved fog went out of her hugs and disappeared into the sky. She was waiting since then. She knew that he will come back soon to her in the evening. Her mind wandered in to the thoughts about him.

She remembered his velvety touch on her leaves. How he arrives and extends his arms towards her and she happily holds him with her beautiful branches. She play with him by trapping him in between her leaves and then letting him go. He enjoys the moment and pamper her more. He thickens up himself to cocoon her fully so that no one else can see her…No one can touch her…She remembered how safe she used to feel in his hugs. A trust that he will protect her from all harms coming to her. A belief that he is there for her…He wont leave her alone in the darkness.

Her thoughts were disrupted with the buzzing sound of cold winds which announced the arrival of her beloved. She looked afar and saw him coming towards her slowly. She moved her branches in happiness. She realized that this is what she want. Her whole day of wait is finally over. Their reunion was celebrated by the nature. Slowly the twilight peeps in and they unite into one. Emotions sublimed and feelings reached its heights and…they became one…


The Mystery Blogger Award

Hello my dear friends,

Today I had a frustrated day at work and after reaching back I was going through my notifications and I saw a comment on one of my posts by a sweet lady, which was capable to lift up my mood and forget about my bad day. I am so grateful to you  inthelifeoffaithblog ( you can check her out here) for nominating me for this award.
She is an inspirational blogger. I like her simple way of writing about her daily life and other lifestyle posts.


The Rules:

  1. Display the award logo on your blog.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  3. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link.
  4. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  5. Answer 5 questions from the nominee.
  6. Nominate bloggers.
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  8. Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice, including 1 weird or funny question.
  9. Share a link to your best post.

The Mystery Blogger Award is an award that was created by Okoto Enigma. It is an award to recognize blogs and bloggers who captivate their readers and create ingenious posts (Check out Okoto’s blog for more information!).

3 Things About ME:-

  1. I am a nature lover. Especially when it comes to forests, trees, rivers. I hate to see them being destroyed.
  2. I am a hard core Game of Thrones fan and a disappointed soul now as Season 7 also came to an end finally and there is a long wait for the upcoming season. I started with the books first and once all books were done, started watching the episodes. Can’t wait to watch the next season.
  3. My favorite colour is RED. From my coffee mug to my Lappy everything I end up picking red.

Now its time for me to give answers to the questions asked by my nominator.

My Answers :-

1) What made you want to start blogging?

I have been into writing since long but what I write was confined in just Instagram captions. Few of my friends who frequently follow them pushed me into starting a blog where I can be around like-minded people and improve myself. I never had an intention to start one if they didn’t encourage me. I take this moment to thank those amazing people in my life who are my strength and my inspiration.

2) What is one thing in this world you wish you could change?

Nice question !!! Being living in a country with a  lot of potential but ruined by the people who fight with each other in the name of religion, caste, Gods and language, I wish there is no discrimination in the world in name of gender, religion and status. I wish to see a better world void of wars and treachery with people living in peace , love and harmony.

3)What is something you like to do for fun?

Travel and Photography. Nothing else can make me more happy 🙂

4)What does a self care day look like to you?

I am not a person who bothers too much about my outer appearance. I believe in the inner beauty of the soul. But my profession forces me to look good. So I spend sometime to pamper my skin , shopping and check lifestyle blogs for latest fashion updates, cosmetics and makeup tips. I try to involve myself in those things which make me happy and try to ignore and deviate my mind from the those things and people who spoil my mood. I try to be cheerful, active and happy.

5)What is something you are proud of?

Honestly speaking I am proud that I am a cabin crew where I get to connect with lot of people, and see life . I am proud that I have few loving people around me who are there with me in everything I do.


My Nominees:-


  1. How did you enter into blogging?
  2. What is the weirdest thing you ever did? (funny question)
  3. What is your favorite past time?
  4. What is that one thing which you want to change in yourself?
  5. If you ever get a chance to become a Prime Minister or President what all you would like to do for the people?

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Cauvery River Rafting…

Coorg in Karnataka state, India is a major tourist destination in south India. She is blessed abundantly by nature in the form of luscious green hills and water sources. This gives her opportunities to host various adventurous activities like river rafting, hiking, trekking, zip-line, rappelling, camping, quad biking and much more. As of now I would like to share with you my River-rafting experience in Cauvery river, Kushalnagar, Coorg.


Starting point of rafting in Cauvery river

After enrolling our names and finishing necessary formalities we were given our raft and a guide to assist us. As any other activities, before commencing, the guide gave us a briefing which included how to hold the paddles, expected commands to row forward and backward with a demo of it and finally about the risk level of the activity. Our trail was 5 km long. At the starting, around 500 meters, water was still and we rowed freely and was given permission to get out of the raft into the river with life jacket on. When the journey advanced we had to face rough currents and swift waves which added a pinch of adventure into the activity.


After 1 Km , awaiting us was rapid surfs, narrow passageways, rocks and small waterfalls. At few places we really felt that the raft may go upside down or turn to a side. especially jumping down the waterfall was really an experience. We were holding tightly to the handholds on the sides of the raft and was soaked completely when the raft found its way through these mini falls. It was really exciting and thrilling.


The Rafting trail 

The guide stopped the raft in between for us to click photos and enjoy the scenic beauty of the location. Water gushing through the rocks to form the fall was a breathtaking view. We totally took advantage of the short break to explore the stunning small island formed by the rocks and click photos of us as well as the place.


View from the Island in the middle of the trail.


It took 2 hours to complete the River-rafting and we came out with the satisfaction of experiencing an exhilarating and exciting activity  which was truly overwhelming. Though I was little concerned about maneuvering as I was doing rafting for the first time, on contrary to my anticipations, it was quite easy under the direction of the skilled guide. The bewitching beauty of River Cauvery added with the adrenaline charged rafting made my  trip an exquisite one.IMG_9762

Connected by a bridge..

Coorg, the place which is also known as Scotland of India, is a popular tourist location in South India. This hill-station has always been popular for its scenic beauty. She never disappoints the travellers who come to her. She embodies everything a nature lover crave for. From rivers, mountains, forests,streams, lakes, valleys, cliffs, one can find a full course meal to satisfy your appetite to explore the beauty of nature.

Though my goal was to do River-rafting in Cauvery river, as always when my travel plans are made, somehow I end up in places which are less crowded and less visited. Cauvery River-rafting is located near Kushalnagar, Coorg. Almost a kilometer before my destination, I came across this beautiful hanging bridge. It is not built as part of attracting tourists, but it is the only connectivity for the people living in the village across the river. It was a surprising fact for me to see that in real, though I have heard a lot about underdeveloped places having less connectivity with the external world.

IMG_9561 copy

Across the bridge awaited me a beautiful village, with mud roads and paddy farms on either side of the small walk way. The villagers around the area totally depends on this small road and the hanging bridge to go to the next nearest town, Kushalnagar.


Muddy pools formed by the rain
has a painful story to say
we were fresh,pure and clear
little droplets blue in color
diamonds were jealous of us
rainbow shades sparkling on us
we hit the ground wrapped in mud
our shade changed into deep brown
we lost all shine and shimmer
living life ignored by all…

P.S. My experience on river-rafting in Coorg will be shared in my next post 🙂

A way full of surprises..

The wonders hidden in the heart of nature are uncountable. Few places are well known and explored by people while there are few places which is only known to the natives and unknown to world beyond that area.

During my search of those places in south India, I found one such place, Karinjeswara temple, which existed since a thousand years hidden by the lush green hills in Bantwal, situated 35kms away from Mangalore, Karnataka. I was also quite surprised when I came across this place in the map. I have been living in Mangalore city since last 4 years and have explored all nearby attractions in and out the city but never heard about this place.

It took me 45 minutes to reach the destination in my bike. Except for last 3km, road enroute was perfect. The last 3km ride was totally through dense forest. Though rain was trying its best to trouble me, I reached my destination without much delay.

The temple is situated on top of a hill and you will reach the top after climbing 555 steps. I didn’t realize I climbed that many steps as each and every step takes you through a magical world. A magnificent area embraced by greenery with rocks adding flavor to it. Apart from that fog was creating an ambiance which will get you into trance.

I was already in a hypnotised state mesmerised by the magical beauty of the place, but whatever I experienced was not the end. There were more surprises awaiting me during the climb. On top of the hill a beautiful pond with crystal clear water was awaiting me. Covered by the trees on one side and rocks on other side, it was only partially visible till you go close by it. With rainwater creating small circles on the surface of green water, it was no doubt a breathtaking view.

There was another trail which led me to a cliff which is kindof a view point. Again the whole area was filled with fog and light green grass which actually created confusion in my mind whether I am on earth or in heaven.

It took me some time to pull me away from this spot to continue my climb to the temple.The whole area to the temple was covered with tiny green grass giving the feel of a carpet. In between there were trees filled with yellow flowers adding an additional touch of spice to the sweetness of the view.

The last leg of the climb consisted of steep steps. Which finally took me to the temple of Lord Shiva. Just like the place, the temple was also quite peaceful without much visitors. More than people I could see monkeys all over the place. There were hundreds of them around the temple. I sat there along with them, my mind filled with fulfilment, heart filled with euphoric feeling and lungs filled with fresh air.


Its our home..

When I looked at them, I felt they are mocking at me. They were asking me what luxury and happiness you enjoy more than what we have.

I was thinking what I acquired in life. I live in a city and more than food what I eat is pollution and drink chlorinated water when they are filling their lungs with fresh air and enjoying the fresh water which to an extent we ensured they wont get by extending the pollution every nook and corner of the world. They have greenary, fresh breeze and calm environment around them when our sorroundings are filled with different sorts of noises, hot breeze carrying the smell of smoke.

By massive deforestation along with spoiling the balance of environment, we are taking away the habitats of these animals who also has equal share on earth just like us. These animals are the ones who has everything in lifeamd not us. They have a peaceful life when we struggle every moment sorting out various issues in our life. They have a good relation among themselves when we fight between each other. But can you see the fear in their eyes when it look at you? Aren’t they pleading not to destroy whatever is remaining?


The little one is really naughty. He is busy pulling the bigger one’s tail.🙊

We see the life around us from top
Happy little monkeys we are…
We have everything we need here
Peace is what we enjoy utmost
We have fresh air and water here
You breathe in pollution and dust
We dont worry about our life
But we are scared of you humans
Plants and trees are our world
You take it all for your needs
Have you thought about our life
We also have a share on this earth..

It took a lifetime..

Some things are quite hard to acquire like the pebbles formed in the streams and perfect shaped rocks we see around us. The journey they went through to achieve this perfection does make me think. What all they might have experienced in their life’s journey. Which all beautiful places they might have seen..

Aren’t they inspiring us? Aren’t they giving the message how hard is to achieve something in life. We admire the beauty of it. We use pebbles for decoration. If they had life they would have told us never ending stories. When I look at them its not just the stones I see. I see their life. That’s what inspire me to frame poems.

Scared to be taken away by the stream
The only force binding them is their unity
With a promise not to leave one behind
Holding each other tightly with passion
Days getting harder struck by rain
Wind showing no mercy in their fate
Praying that day shouldn’t come soon
Choking them with pain of separation


Warm touch of sunlight embracing tightly
Sleeping peacefully protected by mountains
Untouched, unharmed and unstained..
Awaiting for the touch of her beloved
To wake up to a day full of light and love
Where the watchful eyes are faraway..
Waiting to torment her and torture her
for her need for a better tomorrow..

Embracing the breathtaking beauty..

They talked to me with their silence, more than words could speak. They spoke of the world with no violence, where love overpowered the hatred. All live in harmony just like these hills standing side by side sharing their stories of what they see from that height.

The wilderness around them playing melodious music. Streams laughing with joy and the little birds watching over the upcoming seasons. Aren’t they happy? What more you want than to save these beauty from the cruelty of human acts of violence. Their cry to save them.. protect them is buzzing in my ears.

I feel complete standing in front of you..
Admiring your charm and charisma..
You keep me breathless bounding to you
Enthralling me with your beauty..
Here I stand with my arms wide open
To embrace you to my hearts content..