Enlightened in desire..

A walk through beach , that too at the time of sunrise and sunset is always revitalizing. It enlightens one’s body and mind  with its unparalleled charisma. When the sky is carpeted with multi-coloured rays of light and sun standing there telling you nothing else can beat my royal glory. He touches the waves with his colourful hands enlightening them with hues of yellow, orange and red.

A song of love was sung by the waves in response and the go and secretly tell the sands on the beach how much they are desired. Each waves trying to show they are wanted more than the other. The compete with each other pushing themselves to the shore faster every time. The laughter echoing throughout the beach attracting all souls around to their glorious charm.

Creamy lathers formed  by the waves creating designs on the sand marking their presence. Their trails remain as the proof of their existence. They go back to their beloved when finally he approach the sea. Finally there arrives the twilight and Sun goes down to the sea to join his beloved waves and sleep in their arms announcing the end of the day.

2016-10-19_17-46-38Restless and angry I may look but that is not true
its my happiness what I want to show everyone
Being loved and pampered by the Sun I desire
while twilight marking our heavenly union
spreading the world around with flaring shades
and the day comes to an end awaiting a new dawn


2016-08-28_18-37-21Dark patches over the sky forming beautiful shapes
in the canvas of sky splashed with sunset shades
the currents lashing the shore one behind the other
ripples leaving marks to show their existence
darkness embracing the world drowning its fingers
and the waves reassuring that it wont last long..