Enamored of his touch…

Don’t you think even other living things around us also will be having their dreams and fantasies. Are they just sitting idle? Have you ever thought about it? Frankly speaking I didn’t till I saw this capture. A tree enveloped by the green mountains and a thick fog building up around it. This sight made me think. I felt that the tree was waiting for this moment since long.

The tree is waiting for her beloved with thousand thoughts running in her mind. When the sun rose in the morning, her beloved fog went out of her hugs and disappeared into the sky. She was waiting since then. She knew that he will come back soon to her in the evening. Her mind wandered in to the thoughts about him.

She remembered his velvety touch on her leaves. How he arrives and extends his arms towards her and she happily holds him with her beautiful branches. She play with him by trapping him in between her leaves and then letting him go. He enjoys the moment and pamper her more. He thickens up himself to cocoon her fully so that no one else can see her…No one can touch her…She remembered how safe she used to feel in his hugs. A trust that he will protect her from all harms coming to her. A belief that he is there for her…He wont leave her alone in the darkness.

Her thoughts were disrupted with the buzzing sound of cold winds which announced the arrival of her beloved. She looked afar and saw him coming towards her slowly. She moved her branches in happiness. She realized that this is what she want. Her whole day of wait is finally over. Their reunion was celebrated by the nature. Slowly the twilight peeps in and they unite into one. Emotions sublimed and feelings reached its heights and…they became one…


We are in loveđź’–

Being in love is an amazing feeling. The smile that comes to your face thinking about your beloved. Walking through a crowd with that one person in your head and all everything else around are turned into shadows. Every second of the day passing wondering what the other person is doing and above all the feeling of getting butterflies inside the tummy whenever that person look at you. The goosebumbs on your skin with their touch and more than that the urge to be beside your loved one every second of the day.

Dont you think animals also will be going through similar feelings and emotions? This used to be one of the crazy questions that is part of my day dreams. I got an answer finally when I came across this cute couple. I could feel the warmth of their overwhelming love and attraction towards each other. Looking afar into the horizon they sat there, body resting on the other in a romantic way. The green forest creating the ambience to add on fire and the slight drizzle glazing their mood.

I stood there for a while looking at their posture suddenly remembering that I have to capture this to add to my collection so that this moment will live forever. I went closer to get a perfect picture. They didnt move at all. I felt they didn't even realise that I am standing behind them. This was a blow to my knowledge that animals are quite good in sensing what is happening around them. They were in a different world. A world of their own filled with desire and love, where nobody else has got a space..

Leaning towards the back of her beloved
She dreamt about their blissful world
The early days they grew up together
Days and nights pushed their life further
From the trees to streams and caves
Singing, jumping, dancing and laughing
They were one soul in two bodies
Ignoring the busy world around them
Reassuring about their togetherness
From the day they met till end of life…

Life is short…

From the time of birth to death, the events take place in ones lifetime is numerous. The emotions one feel at different point of times are different. Sometimes we feel extremely happy, sometimes gloomy, angry, jealousy…You name it ,one might had encountered all these atleast once in their life journey. Every day is not same.

Why we connect emotions always to humans? May be to an extent to animals especially our pets and not for the trees, plants and other objects in nature? Even in their life time they might have had many experiences. They are not able to speak and express doesn't mean that they dont feel anything. They also have their child, youth and oldage. They do perish one day.

When I saw these fallen leaves blanketing the whole ground, It reminded me of the journey they went through. Would they have thought when they were young, supple and green that their end will be like this? All their beauty and colour lost and turned into brown, stiff and crumbled pile waiting for their day to be part of the soil. Do they whisper something into our ears? A message that Life is short and we are not always young.

I was young and pretty once upon a time
My skin was clean and firm and green
Head was high and dreams were big
I thought I was the best in this world…
I never looked at the fallen ones down
Coz my pride blurred my vision
And here I lie as one among them
Wrinkled and crumbled and dried..
The day is not far to leave this world
To merge with the soil where I was born…

As in fairy tales..

I grew up listening to the stories of the princes, princessess and witches who captures the Pretty Princess in the castle inside the deep forest and Prince Charming riding in his white horse and rescuing her. Not only me, I think there wont be anyone who has not heard these sort of stories in their childhood and picturised in their heads about the thick forests and tall castles.

Instead of white horse I was riding a white scooter when I came across this place. I stopped as I had a sudden feeling of familiarity even though I am visiting this place first time in my life. I walked through the tangled branches touching them and feeling them with my finger tips. I sat on one of the low branches listening to the chirping of birds and rustling of leaves. As usual my wandering mind started travelling to a different world, the world in fairy tales.

The trees were standing apart in the darkness. The world was covered in shadows. Every single sound was evoking fear in them. They always stood there in silence. But the fear was difficult to overcome. They extended their hands to hold each other…To console each other … The more the darkness engulfed them, the more they coiled so that no evil hands can take them away. That made them strong reminding the wise words of unity is strength. They united as one to fight against the shadows as one body and one soul…

Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai

Tangled, coiled and twisted on their own
Difficult to differentiate where it belong
Bathed by the monsoon droplets
Living in the darkness and shadows
Evoking fear in those who passes by
Reminding of the dark castles of fairy tales


Is it just human beings who care about their looks and perfection or do other living beings also worry about their looks? This was a question haunting my mind since long when I look at the beautiful creations on earth. When we look around we see perfectly combed hairs of dogs, cats and cows even the homeless ones with no one to pamper and take care of them. When we look at the birds also we see neatly arranged feathers and whichever living being I look around I can see perfection everywhere.

I have never thought this way about the trees till I came across this beautiful view during my trip to Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai.
The whole area was covered with slim and lean trees branched out beautifully covering the whole area. When I walked ahead, I was unable to distinguish which tree looked better than the other. Which tree is more branched or which tree is more greener…

I reached to a point where a pool was formed by rainwater and the more I went near it I could see the reflections of all the trees around that pool. Though it was rainwater and the soil beneath was muddy, the water was clear and looked just liked a mirror. I felt the trees were admiring their beauty in the water . They were checking out who is better. They were stretching out their branches to reach the pool area so that they can see themselves. Beauty is everywhere. We need an insight to see it… to appreciate it..

The slim lean trees crowded around
the tiny pool formed by rainwater
Reaching out to see their reflection
and fighting between their peers
Branching out to prove themselves
Who is the better one than the other..

Early morning tea..

My day starts with a cup of tea. I feel something is missing when I dont get it. The fresh aroma and the flavour washing away the left over sleep in my eyes and made me ready to start my day with full energy and bliss.

Even though I had learnt about the processing of tea at school, I never thought too much about it till I saw a tea plantation. I walked amidst the well shaped tea trees arranged in a step by step fashion attracting every eye who has the sense to admire beauty.

The different shades of green covering whole area in a hilly terrain with dew drops on the leaves shining brightly is a breathtaking view. I stood there looking at the mesmerising tea garden. I saw the little leaflets in light green shade which pulled me into deeper thoughts…

How painful it would have been for the mother to pull its newborn from her arms and take it away from her? Isn't it same for the tea plant as well? The newborn leaf of her's is plucked away from the mother ignoring her tears hidden by the dewdrops . Is she aware that her little babies are dried and smashed and squeezed which is further put into boiling water and consumed by people? Wouldn't it be heart breaking for her? She cried for many days bearing the pain of parting and again gave birth to a new one without realising that the fate of this one is also similar..

Chikmagalur, Karnataka state, India.

The freshness of a cup of tea
Give a kickstart to a bright day
The newborn babies plucked
From the mothers arms are dried
crushed, squeezed and pressed
It come to us in a fancy packing..
She gave birth to offsprings again
Without knowing their fate is same.


Kissed by fog..

I always crave to live in a place close to nature. Living in a city filled with noises and pollution, these short expeditions to the lap of nature nourish me to be alive till my next getaway. Trekking from foot of the Kudremukh hill, and finally when you reach on top, the feeling of fulfillment looking at this view is something which I have never got from any worldly luxuries. Slight drizzle, thick fog, carpet of luscious green grass, fresh air and after all the feel of nature came as a combo package. After reaching this point I turned back and looked at the path I covered. I stood there with my mind wandering in different thoughts outburst with emotions.

The little grasses were happy there. They owned the hill. They grew up playing together and spreading around everywhere. It was their place. The bigger trees moved away from the territory giving them privacy. Frequent rain showers providing them with enough water sustaining their life. Clouds come down to chitchat and gossip with them. Thick white fog embraced them and put them to sleep. Everything was perfectly in place till humans found out their hideout. The perfect beauty attracted more of them. The calmness of the place was replaced by the human laughter and talks and a trail was created by the grass who sacrificed its life under the foot of travellers.  Now it doesn’t belong to them anymore. Now they live in the fear of death and torture, being stamped by the travellers passing by…

IMG_4051 copy

The Luscious green carpeting over the hills
with a crown of thick velvety clouds
fog embracing the nature with its cold hands
pampering the tiny grasses with its kisses
Love, affection and happiness spreading around
celebrating togetherness and contentment..

Rays of light…

Light is always considered as hope. When the day is cloudy, we call it moody and when the sun shines bright, we call it a pleasant day. Have you all ever thought why it is so? Why we believe light bring happiness and the darkness bring sorrow? I was always confused at this concept and I do believe few of you will have the same doubt as mine.

A day begins when the light rays kiss the beautiful earth and her smile wakes up the whole world. She laughs through her waves and she dances through the wind. Whole day she enjoys his presence and warmth around her. Hours they spend in each other’s hugs and her day ends when the light rays kiss her good bye with a promise of returning back the next day.

The black clouds were jealous of their relationship. They want to see these loved ones apart. They enveloped her with their thick black clouds stopping the sunlight from reaching her. She cried… She protested… The angry black clouds hit her hard with lashes of rain. Poor earth. Her prettiness left her, covered in mud and water. She stood silent and gloomy. She showed her fierceness through strong winds blowing with all its force which blew the demonic clouds away making way for her loved one. Here they are together again, the bright sunlight and the pretty earth singing tales of love…


Rays of light piercing through the clouds
Each beam brighter than the other one
Making its way to meet his beloved earth
Rescuing her from the demonish clouds
Days and days she was waiting for him
From the time black clouds covered her
Attacking her with swords of rain drops
Blocking her from the touch of light
She smiles finally,relieved in his presence
Finally embraced by his mighty arms…


Deep into soul..

Can you imagine a world without colour? Everything around us is in the hues of black, grey and white? People around you, the trees, water, flowers and everything colourless. How boring it will be. Don’t you feel the life will be so dull? I believe in this world all things happen for a reason. From the obvious things to tiny details, all have its role to play.

Gundlupet in Karnataka state is well known for farming. By side of the road you can see lot of sunflower fields. Apart from sunflower, they have gardens of chrysanthemum, marigold and many other colourful flowers. As any other traveller by the route I was also fascinated by the beauty of the gardens. When I reached near this sunflower farm I automatically stopped to check it out and capture few photographs. More than the colour and beauty what I noticed was something deeper.

Morning she woke up from her bud and turned her head towards the sun who was smiling at her. When she turned around she saw her friends and family also looking at the charming Sun. She fell in love with him. She wanted to make him her own. She can’t bear the thought of losing him. She tried all she could do to attract him, to grab his attention towards her. She spread her beautiful petals wide and raised her head to stay tall from her friends. What she know about the Sun?  Her world was so small. Bloomed in the middle of a sunflower farm she was ignorant to the fact that Sun belongs to whole world. I felt pity on her.

She was persistent. When the Sun shifted his position from east to center, she followed him. She was afraid to take her eye out of him. What if she loses him? She couldn’t imagine that. She regained her composure and tried hard to gain his attention. She waved at him, winked, smiled. Finally the blue of sky was replaced by the shade of red and the Sun moving fast towards the west. She tried her best turning around so that she won’t lose the sight of him. She was jealous when she saw her friends also doing the same. Finally he vanished from her eyes and her ardent heart into the horizon leaving her alone and heartbroken.


Opened their eyes towards the mighty sun
swinging merrily on their tiny stems
eyes filled with desire towards him
and heart filled with passion to love
the rustling of leaves warning them
this is not what your life is for
finally dried up and beaten to death
by the one your heart was beating for..

I am alone..

If someone ask me what I hate most without any doubt I will say it is to be left alone. That might be one reason I got attached to the lone trees. There is some points in your life when you are left out, lonely with no one to share your thoughts and feelings, to be part of your little world. Isn’t it really hard? Don’t you think even other living things in the nature will be feeling the same?

When all other living things around them live their life surrounded by their family and friends, they stand here alone excluded by everyone. Being able to watch everything surrounding them standing tall above all while there is no one around to touch or talk. clouds staring at them from above and pitying and the winds talking about the happiness and contentment you get being not alone , the little grasses wondering why they are unreachable and try to go near the roots to comfort them but failing miserably in their task.

They wait there when the seasons change, when the years passes, when the sun sets and rises again. To love and to be loved. To be part of their life. To Live and  Die together..


Blinded by pride towering above the rest
boasting about his victory and achievement
overwhelmed by the power over the little things
twisted and misshaped by his wickedness
without the realisation that he is mocked
that you have lived alone and will die alone


There he stands alone among his peers
waiting for his day to take his leave
is it his age that betrayed him
or the harsh kisses of the weather
there he stands counting his days
shouting the truth all will die one day..