Weekly Photo Challenge – Scale

You call me small mountains

Am I really small?

Come near and look at me

I am a mighty giant

My tone is dull, dark and black

Its not my fault

Sea and sky flashing shades

Clouds are no less

Come near and look at me

I am not less than any

Decieved by eyes and distance

I am less noticed

Games are played by illusion

Made me less obvious

Scale | The Daily Post


Weekly photochallenge – Waiting

When the rain clouds are swallowing the sky to form a beautiful painting, the green and orange tints of nature creating the ambience…Rustling of leafs and cool breeze playing the most romantic music on earth.. Here he spread his extravagant feathers to attract her..to impress her with his beauty and write a poem of love together.

He waited there graciously

His heart filled with excitement

He spread his feathers wide

Freezing the time in its beauty

He turned round and searched

Every second felt like an year

His mind clouded like the sky

Every moment evoking anxiety

He waited there longingly

He was not tired standing there

Awaiting her was never a pain

He was not alone in the wait

Whole nature accompanied him

For that divine moment of union

Cloudy sky formed the roof

While breeze played the music

Fragrance of love filled everywhere

When the two hearts became one.

Waiting | The Daily Post


Kissed by fog..

I always crave to live in a place close to nature. Living in a city filled with noises and pollution, these short expeditions to the lap of nature nourish me to be alive till my next getaway. Trekking from foot of the Kudremukh hill, and finally when you reach on top, the feeling of fulfillment looking at this view is something which I have never got from any worldly luxuries. Slight drizzle, thick fog, carpet of luscious green grass, fresh air and after all the feel of nature came as a combo package. After reaching this point I turned back and looked at the path I covered. I stood there with my mind wandering in different thoughts outburst with emotions.

The little grasses were happy there. They owned the hill. They grew up playing together and spreading around everywhere. It was their place. The bigger trees moved away from the territory giving them privacy. Frequent rain showers providing them with enough water sustaining their life. Clouds come down to chitchat and gossip with them. Thick white fog embraced them and put them to sleep. Everything was perfectly in place till humans found out their hideout. The perfect beauty attracted more of them. The calmness of the place was replaced by the human laughter and talks and a trail was created by the grass who sacrificed its life under the foot of travellers.  Now it doesn’t belong to them anymore. Now they live in the fear of death and torture, being stamped by the travellers passing by…

IMG_4051 copy

The Luscious green carpeting over the hills
with a crown of thick velvety clouds
fog embracing the nature with its cold hands
pampering the tiny grasses with its kisses
Love, affection and happiness spreading around
celebrating togetherness and contentment..

Rays of light…

Light is always considered as hope. When the day is cloudy, we call it moody and when the sun shines bright, we call it a pleasant day. Have you all ever thought why it is so? Why we believe light bring happiness and the darkness bring sorrow? I was always confused at this concept and I do believe few of you will have the same doubt as mine.

A day begins when the light rays kiss the beautiful earth and her smile wakes up the whole world. She laughs through her waves and she dances through the wind. Whole day she enjoys his presence and warmth around her. Hours they spend in each other’s hugs and her day ends when the light rays kiss her good bye with a promise of returning back the next day.

The black clouds were jealous of their relationship. They want to see these loved ones apart. They enveloped her with their thick black clouds stopping the sunlight from reaching her. She cried… She protested… The angry black clouds hit her hard with lashes of rain. Poor earth. Her prettiness left her, covered in mud and water. She stood silent and gloomy. She showed her fierceness through strong winds blowing with all its force which blew the demonic clouds away making way for her loved one. Here they are together again, the bright sunlight and the pretty earth singing tales of love…


Rays of light piercing through the clouds
Each beam brighter than the other one
Making its way to meet his beloved earth
Rescuing her from the demonish clouds
Days and days she was waiting for him
From the time black clouds covered her
Attacking her with swords of rain drops
Blocking her from the touch of light
She smiles finally,relieved in his presence
Finally embraced by his mighty arms…