Blind in love..

Here begins a day, a beautiful way to start admiring this view. Did you ever think how trees might be displaying its love? How they might be talking to each other? How they will be showing their intimacy. I was asking these trees for the answers to my questions. This picture was captured on my way to Chikmagalur, a beautiful district in Karnataka cradled by the mountains and enchanted with splendid greenery. I couldn’t hold myself to stop and capture this beautiful view though I was running short of time to reach my destination.

They were entwined, branches were their hands. Exploring each other’s beauty and holding tightly so that the early morning winds won’t push them apart. It was a foggy morning. The air around was chilly filled with the fragrance of coffee from the plantations spread around the area. They were beautiful as you can see, having a perfect shape, their trunks branched and spread out touching each other unveiling a breath taking view for those who pass by.

Moving their body slowly matching with the beautiful song sung by the wind and the foggy environment was creating the ambiance. Were they aware that the cluster of clouds above them is looking at them in jealousy? Were they noticing the fog rising around them and cloaking with their misty hands? They were blind in love. Nothing else can bring them back to word from their state of ecstasy. Standing day and night embracing their loved one, minds wandering away from the worldly concerns and reaching to the peak of gratification.


Dew drops dancing over the baby twigs
white creamy fog embracing the world
fallen leaves repenting on their fate
lonely trees eyeing them with jealousy
No one can part us, they told the wind
who tried his best to push them apart
they stood brave singing their love story

5 thoughts on “Blind in love..

  1. silenthoursblog July 20, 2017 / 4:34 pm

    Nicely rendered the info. Felt like as we the readers where there. Will defenetly pi in my list to do… Keep blogging…

    Liked by 1 person

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