I am alone..

If someone ask me what I hate most without any doubt I will say it is to be left alone. That might be one reason I got attached to the lone trees. There is some points in your life when you are left out, lonely with no one to share your thoughts and feelings, to be part of your little world. Isn’t it really hard? Don’t you think even other living things in the nature will be feeling the same?

When all other living things around them live their life surrounded by their family and friends, they stand here alone excluded by everyone. Being able to watch everything surrounding them standing tall above all while there is no one around to touch or talk. clouds staring at them from above and pitying and the winds talking about the happiness and contentment you get being not alone , the little grasses wondering why they are unreachable and try to go near the roots to comfort them but failing miserably in their task.

They wait there when the seasons change, when the years passes, when the sun sets and rises again. To love and to be loved. To be part of their life. To Live and  Die together..


Blinded by pride towering above the rest
boasting about his victory and achievement
overwhelmed by the power over the little things
twisted and misshaped by his wickedness
without the realisation that he is mocked
that you have lived alone and will die alone


There he stands alone among his peers
waiting for his day to take his leave
is it his age that betrayed him
or the harsh kisses of the weather
there he stands counting his days
shouting the truth all will die one day..


5 thoughts on “I am alone..

  1. Grace July 18, 2017 / 6:44 pm

    amazıng wrıter..am new as well.kındly check my post anf feel free to constructıvely crıtıcıze.ı wıll apprecıate

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  2. KathrinS July 20, 2017 / 11:53 am

    I know the feeling of loneliness – but to me, being alone and being lonely are two different things. I actually enjoy being alone sometimes, even travelling alone. But if it’s forced on me, then it’s completely different. Thanks for sharing this and making me think!!

    Kathrin — mycupofenglishtea.wordpress.com

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    • wingedwordsofawanderess July 23, 2017 / 9:39 am

      I have come across many people who love to be alone and enjoy their solitude. Being a cabincrew by profession I am always surrounded by people. May be that is one reason I cant take being alone. I get a choking sensation if I dont have anyone to talk to . And I do agree with you being forced is quite a different thing. No one like to be forced to do things. Appreciate taking time to read my post. I will surely visit yours😊


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