Embracing the breathtaking beauty..

They talked to me with their silence, more than words could speak. They spoke of the world with no violence, where love overpowered the hatred. All live in harmony just like these hills standing side by side sharing their stories of what they see from that height.

The wilderness around them playing melodious music. Streams laughing with joy and the little birds watching over the upcoming seasons. Aren’t they happy? What more you want than to save these beauty from the cruelty of human acts of violence. Their cry to save them.. protect them is buzzing in my ears.

I feel complete standing in front of you..
Admiring your charm and charisma..
You keep me breathless bounding to you
Enthralling me with your beauty..
Here I stand with my arms wide open
To embrace you to my hearts content..


4 thoughts on “Embracing the breathtaking beauty..

  1. Febin P T A July 3, 2017 / 4:22 pm

    nice thought…. a silent approach rather than screaming, being a green lover… keep posting ….. desperately waiting to see more of this world through your eyes…

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